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About us

W.I.S., s.r.o. was created in 1997 as a company providing own made-to-order SW prepared by customer needs and HW services and support. By the years we have progressed and we are providing end-to-end solutions to increase performance, efficiency and productivity within the enterprise, reduce costs and realize competitive advantage.

In a mobile computing zone we provide standard solutions and services from capturing data through barcode and RFID scanners, moving the data via wireless infrastructure and managing the data by mobility software solutions. We offer Symbol devices for mobile computing and Zebra devices for bar codes printing.

Our team consists of software analysts, developers, database designers (Oracle, MS SQL, ...), OS administrators (MS Windows, Novell, Linux) and technicians.

Solutions offered by our team were applied for wholesalers, chain store and next customers.

What is expected form the W.I.S. crew:

  • the courtesy of a Queen/King
  • the communicativeness of a Journalist
  • the sympathetic ear of a Psychiatrist
  • the enthusiasm of a Child
  • the tact of a Diplomat
  • the eloquence of a Preacher
  • the discretion of a Lawyer
  • the enterprise of a Pioneer
  • the prudence of a mountain Guide
  • the curiosity of a Researcher
  • the accuracy of a Mathematician
  • the constitution and precision of an Astronaut
  • the stamina of a marathon Runner
  • the optimism of a Gamler
  • the wisdom of a Sage
  • the patience of a Saint
  • the thick skin of a Personal Manager
  • the smart apperance of a Gentleman/Woman



W.I.S., s.r.o.

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