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GroupWise Mobility Service

The inability for business critical applications, collaboration systems and mobile devices to interact with each other in real time creates considerable frustration for users and the IT personnel responsible for supporting them. Individuals need critical data and information to be available exactly when and where they need it, but it can be difficult for IT to ensure that the required integration and synchronization occurs. As a result, users waste significant time switching between different applications and devices to get to the business-critical information they need. Still, the lack of integration between mobile devices and applications often prevents users from getting the critical information they need, when they need it.

das save users timeSave users time and flustration

No more switching between applications or manually keeping data up-to-date in multiple applications and mobile devices. Users enter data once, and it's pushed to their other devices automatically.

das improve businessImprove business collaboration and mobile productivity

Push updated business collaboration information to people's applications and mobile devices automatically. Even mobile users can always access the most up-to-date and accurate information, for easy business collaboration in real time.

das simplify it administrationSimplify IT administration

IT administration is simple. Novell Data Synchronizer provides a central path through which your organization’s collaboration data can flow. Data is automatically synchronized among key applications.

das enable managersEnable managers to make informed decision

Give managers instant access and visibility into customer and sales data as it's synchronized in real-time from applications and mobile devices into CRM or other management systems. Check out the connectors that are currently available here.



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