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ShareOnVibe is an add-on for Firefox which lets you share any content to your Novell Vibe™. The add-on is a product from co3-tools, the brand for helpful collaboration tools, add-ons and Vibe extensions from Code and Concept.

Using ShareOnVibe you are only one click away from sharing any content on the web with your colleagues, your project team, your friends – or saving it to your personal Novell Vibe™ folders. ShareOnVibe is developed to store interesting web content in a quick and easy way while enjoying all advantages of the Novell Vibe™ platform. Content can be tagged with keywords already while sharing it, so it will be easy to find later on in Vibe. Text, Links, Pictures and Videos are displayed in the appropriate Vibe folders.


Using the add-On ShareOnVibe, almost any content can be shared onto your collaboration system very efficiently:

  • the URL, title and a description of the web page you are on
  • selected text and text areas on web pages
  • images on web pages
  • a wide range of file types linked on the web, like PDF, .doc, …
  • embedded videos from YouTube
  • your own thoughts and ideas
  • and even more…

ShareOnVibe automatically adds the necessary meta information, including the browser window title and a link to the source page you shared from.


Managing and retrieving shared content – ShareOnVibe has some useful extra features to make life easier!

  • Tagging: Tagging content can already be done while you share it, using “personal” or “global” tags.
  • Access Vibe folders directly: Via right click you can open the context menu and use the “Open Vibe Folder” function to instantly open a configured Vibe folder in a new browser tab.
  • Access to Vibe entries you shared: ShareOnVibe keeps a history of the entries you shared. Open the context menu via right click, choose “History” and select the recently shared entries to directly view or modify them.
  • Commenting and meta-information: Using “Share Plus”, you can add a comment or description and tags to the information you are sharing, making it even easier to find them in Vibe!   

System requirements

Operating System: ShareOnVibe as an add-on for the Firefox browser is platform independent. Use it on Windows, Linux or MacOS.

Web Browser: ShareOnVibe is built as an add-on for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. You only need Firefox version 3.x or higher.

Vibe platform: ShareOnVibe is built and optimized to share content into a Vibe installation.

ShareOnVibe as a Firefox add-on is a client side solution. So, no configuration on the Vibe server is necessary.


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